Borescope inspection

Conduct borescope examination is an inseparable part in the operation of engines, gas turbines, APU, running at work or in the fleet. Borescope methods inspection gives an idea about the internal condition of the combustion chamber, a compressor part, the turbine. Internal inspection should be carried out regularly or after specific actions with the installation or if you suspect a malfunction, and vibration. Inspection can be carried out completely or selectively, we will be able to advise you, in your specific case, what should be inspected. Usually, you must very carefully check the combustion chamber, first stage high pressure turbine and the turbine as a whole, since the thermal load falls on this part of the installation. Following the inspection we make a conclusion about the condition of your turbine/compressor/combustor and produce an appropriate report with photos and videos. Also, if any damage is found, the report will display the sizes of these damages, which can be compared with tolerances in the technical documentation for this powerplant.

We perform inspections on the modern equipment of the leading companies in the world with a report for your form of documentation or design it for you for free.